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Fall Is the Right Time to Invest in New Winter Tires

September 10, 2019

Your tires are critical for the overall safety, efficiency and performance of your vehicle, so it’s important to invest some time and money into tire maintenance in Riverside, CA. Fall is a great time to get on top of your tire maintenance and consider tire replacement, if necessary. There are several aspects of fall tire maintenance that you should keep in mind. By taking care of tire maintenance this fall, you can ensure that your vehicle continues to work the way that it’s supposed to throughout the wintertime: Assess the condition of your tires: Before you can maintain, repair or... View Article

Preparing Your Tires for Hot Weather

May 14, 2019

Is your vehicle ready for summer? You’ll need more than just air conditioning to beat the heat this season. Did you know tire maintenance in Riverside, CA is also essential for optimal vehicle performance in the summer? Proper care of your tires will keep your vehicle running smoother and safer during hot weather. Following are a few things to keep in mind this summer, and some steps you can take to preserve your tires. Hot Conditions As you drive from point A to point B this summer, remember: extremely warm weather can be tough on tires. Hot temperatures make tire... View Article

Why You Should Not Mix Tires

February 26, 2019

Most people don’t really worry about their tires until one of them goes flat and their forced into buying a new one. Replacing a flat tire might seem like a fairly common event in the life of a car, but it can lead to some problems when you do so without trying to carefully match the rest of the car’s existing tires. When you’re searching for new tires in Riverside, CA, you’ll want to be aware of any mismatches between your other tires and the new tires in terms of tread patterns, manufacturers, sizes or even the season the tire... View Article

Tire Maintenance 101: Some Basic Tips for Maintenance and Tire Repair in Riverside, CA

November 23, 2018

How much do you know about maintaining your vehicle? As you check the oil, maintain other fluids, fill the gas tank and wash the exterior, don’t forget about another basic maintenance item: your tires. Keeping up with this necessary care will keep you safer on the road and help you avoid the need for additional tire repair in Riverside, CA. What are the basics you need to know? Use the following overview to educate yourself on tire maintenance and tire repair in Riverside, CA. Check the Pressure Regularly Did you know that low tire pressure is a common cause of... View Article

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