Wheel Alignment in Riverside, CA

Have you noticed your car pulling to the left or right? Do you feel a rumbling around turns or sharp corners? Are there wear marks on your treads? Alignment issues show themselves in a variety of different ways, but no matter how they appear, it’s best to address them as soon as possible.

Reliable Tire Center is your go-to alignment shop in Riverside, CA, providing computerized alignment correction services that put your car back on a balanced trajectory. We’ll make sure your alignment is perfect, so you can drive with comfort and control.

Alignment Checks


If you suspect an alignment issue might be present in your vehicle, it’s best to have it confirmed by a professional before you pay for alignment repair in Riverside, CA. Our shop has the tools and technologies required to gauge your car’s alignment and its deviation from the norm. Once we figure out if your alignment is off and by how much, we’ll be able to take the right approach to restore it.

Alignment Services

We offer wheel alignment service in Riverside, CA for both 2-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles. We use computerized software for precision alignments on just about any make or model, and even offer camber kits to ensure proper adjustment on your alignment no matter how far off neutral it may be.

Please note that additional parts cost extra and are not included in the price of an alignment.

Benefits of Alignment Services

Why bring your vehicle in for an alignment? Take a look at some of the great benefits you’ll begin to notice instantly after having your wheels precisely aligned by our shop:

To start enjoying all of these benefits and more, contact Reliable Tire Center today to schedule alignment services for your vehicle. Reach us at 951-684-1132.

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