Suspension Service in Riverside, CA

The road is rarely straight and flat, which means relying on your vehicle’s suspension system to keep things smooth and steady for you. If your shocks, struts or springs start to fail, it could mean a rough, rocky ride for you. Reliable Tire Center wants to help you avoid all of the bumps in the road by maintaining and repairing all of the vital components of your vehicle’s alignment.

Our service center is equipped to work on most cars and light trucks and can deliver suspension service in Riverside, CA in whatever capacity you might need, from basic repairs to part replacements and more.

Shocks, Struts and Springs


Shocks, struts and springs are the cornerstones of your vehicle’s suspension and the prime parts responsible for absorbing vibration from the road. If these parts wear out or become damaged, your entire suspension becomes at risk for vibration-related damages.

Let us inspect and replace your shocks, struts and springs if and when they become damaged, to help save you the future cost of major suspension repairs. We’ll outfit your vehicle with top-of-the-line OEM replacement parts and help reduce the rattle and shake that can come from an underserved suspension.

Other Suspension Repairs

If damaged shocks, struts and springs have already caused damage to your undercarriage and suspension, let us make any necessary repairs. From control arms and sway bars to wheel bearings and ball joints, our scope of repair capabilities encompasses just about anything needed to keep you riding smooth out on the road.

Get a Smoother Ride

Tired of feeling every single bump in the road when you’re driving? Dealing with premature repairs caused by a poor suspension system? Let our pros take a look at your undercarriage and provide you with the suspension services your vehicle needs to ride smoothly and safely. Schedule your appointment today by calling 951-684-1132.

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