Brake Repair in Riverside, CA

If your brakes are squealing, stuttering or aren’t slowing you down as fast as you need them to, schedule an appointment with Reliable Tire Center for brake service in Riverside, CA. We’ll diagnose your brakes and provide you with any repairs or part replacements necessary to restore them to their best condition. After service from our experienced crew, we promise you’ll stop on a dime and brake with confidence each time you drive.

Brake Checks


Not sure what condition your brakes are in? It can be hard to tell without being able to take off your tires. Even if you’re stopping fine and don’t hear any noises from your brakes, they still might need to be replaced. It’s best to have our knowledgeable professionals inspect them thoroughly if it’s been a few years since you got brake replacements.

We’ll thoroughly assess and diagnose your brakes and any defects. From replacing rusted or corroded components, to putting on new pads and shoes, to giving your brakes a clean bill of health, it’s better to know instead of guessing! We take the guesswork out of your brakes and provide only honest, upfront insight.

Part Replacements

If your brakes need service, make sure you’re bringing your car to our shop! Not only are we fully equipped to handle brake repair in Riverside, CA for any type of car or truck, we use only quality parts for every job. Our goal is to make sure any work done on your brakes results in better performance and peace of mind for you and other drivers you’re sharing the road with.

  • Rotors
  • Drums
  • Pads
  • Shoes

Restore Your Stopping Power

When you step on your brakes, you need them to respond instantly. Let us restore your stopping power and make sure your vehicle is able to stop on a dime. Schedule brake service or repair with Reliable Tire Center today by calling 951-684-1132. We’ll make sure your biggest safety feature is always reliable.

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