Common Reasons for Transmission Repair in Riverside, CA

Common Reasons for Transmission Repair in Riverside, CA

September 2, 2019

Most people overlook the complexity of what is under the hood of their vehicle. They wrongly assume that an oil change ensures their car will get to and from destinations without complications. This could not be further from the truth, particularly if you are ignoring serious symptoms of issues. For example, many don’t realize that the following warning signs indicate that your car or truck needs transmission repair in Riverside, CA as soon as possible.

Grinding or Shaking

As your transmission moves between gears, it should do so smoothly. A transmission in need of inspection and possible repair might shake or grind as it switches gears. You’ll feel this sensation as the vehicle shifts gears or as you accelerate. At first it might be easy to ignore this, but as time goes on and this problem worsens, this will only increase the cost of your transmission repair in Riverside, CA.

Delayed Response

While automatic transmissions shift between gears for you, there are times when you manually shift, such as between reverse and drive. If the response to this switch is delayed, it could be your transmission isn’t operating as efficiently as it should.


A whining, humming or clunking sound coming from underneath your car or truck is usually a sign your transmission requires attention. Sometimes these sounds indicate your transmission fluid needs replacing, which is a simple procedure that is relatively inexpensive. Ignoring these noises until they are too noticeable to turn a deaf ear to will mean expensive repairs that could have been easily avoided.

Burning Smell

This warning sign means you need to take your car in for an inspection sooner rather than later. While a burning smell might not come from your transmission, your vehicle should never emit this odor. Before this problem becomes more expensive than you can afford, get your car in for repair.

Slipping Gear

This also manifests as losing traction when you most need it behind the wheel. This is a serious safety issue that puts you, your passengers, pedestrians and other drivers at very real risk of injury and damage. This issue is usually related to your vehicle’s computer, which communicates to your transmission when to switch gears.

Leaking Fluid

Is there a reddish fluid spot in the spot where you park your vehicle? This is likely a transmission fluid leak, which should never happen. Low transmission fluid will cause major problems that become costly very quickly if ignored.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

This indicator in your vehicle doesn’t only turn on when there’s an issue with your engine. Your check engine light might also be illuminated because your transmission isn’t operating properly. Get to a reliable mechanic to save yourself the hassle and expense of serious issues that may occur if the problem is ignored.

You have many options for transmission repair in Riverside, CA. Drivers trust Reliable Tire Center because of our years of experience and our team of knowledge and friendly technicians. Don’t let a transmission problem keep you off the road. Contact us today!

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