The Importance of Radiator Repair in Riverside, CA

The Importance of Radiator Repair in Riverside, CA

August 19, 2019

One of the best aspects of California living is the year-round warm weather. However, when the weather really starts to heat up, you often see cars pulled over to the side of the road with steam or smoke billowing from under the hood. When your car overheats, the cost of the damage can be tremendous. To avoid that, it is recommended that car owners invest in regular radiator repair in Riverside, CA

Why Your Radiator is So Important

Your engine creates a lot of heat and friction when you drive. Without a radiator, the pistons in your engine would snap and the whole thing would overheat within minutes. A radiator contains a combination of water and coolant that circulates through your engine to keep it cool. Cool liquid leaves your radiator, gathers a huge portion of the heat in your engine and then returns to your radiator to cool off again and go back to the engine. A fan helps to keep the radiator at a regular temperature so the fluid is cool when it is pumped into the engine.

What Happens When You Skip a Radiator Flush?

If you skip radiator flushes on a regular basis, you’ll end up like one of those people you’ve seen stuck on the side of the road with an overheating engine. Worst-case scenario, you don’t get your radiator flushed, your engine completely fails and you’re stuck figuring how to pay for all the work your car or truck now needs.

What Kind of Radiator Repair in Riverside, CA Is Recommended?

To best maintain your vehicle, drivers should have radiator flushes to renew the coolant, decontaminate hoses and remove any clogs. A cleaner is run through your system to remove sediment and rust. Next, new antifreeze and an anti-corrosion conditioner are added to your radiator.

You might think to yourself, “I’ve topped off my coolant lately. I don’t need to pay for cooling system service.” However, you would be wrong. A radiator flush includes the vital components of the cleaner and the conditioner. These prolong the life of your vehicle, keeping you on the road and your passengers safe.

Unlike oil changes, radiator flushes don’t need to happen nearly as often. Your vehicle should have its radiator flushed every 30,000 miles or every three to five years (depending on how often you drive that particular car or truck).

However, since a coolant flush isn’t needed as regularly as an oil change, it often gets forgotten. This is a costly mistake. Your radiator plays a significant role in the performance of your vehicle. When it stops working, everything else does, too. For an average cost of $99, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and grief by committing to radiator flushes every 30,000 miles.

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