Preparing Your Tires for Hot Weather

Preparing Your Tires for Hot Weather

May 14, 2019

Is your vehicle ready for summer? You’ll need more than just air conditioning to beat the heat this season. Did you know tire maintenance in Riverside, CA is also essential for optimal vehicle performance in the summer?

Proper care of your tires will keep your vehicle running smoother and safer during hot weather. Following are a few things to keep in mind this summer, and some steps you can take to preserve your tires.

Hot Conditions

As you drive from point A to point B this summer, remember: extremely warm weather can be tough on tires. Hot temperatures make tire blowouts more common. It’s important to take it easy on tires during these conditions to avoid dangerous blowouts. High-speed driving, frequent braking and excessive cornering can cause tires to overheat. Once they reach a point beyond what they were designed for, they may blow.

Underinflation is also a danger, as this also increases the risk of blowouts. When not inflated fully, tires get hotter than usual. When you add the warm weather to these conditions, the heat can cause serious damage.

Safe Conditions

To avoid tire blowouts, apply healthy tire maintenance in Riverside, CA. Use the following tips to keep your tires in top shape:

  • Take it slow: Everyone’s in a hurry these days, but try to keep the health of your tires in mind as you drive. Slow down while turning. Take curves gently. This will reduce the friction on your tires and help them last longer. You’ll reduce the risk of a blowout and enjoy a safer drive.
  • Check the pressure: Don’t rely on a visual inspection of your tires. They don’t have to be flat to be underinflated. They may look fine, but actually need more air. Check your tires at least once each month, especially during hot summer months. Keep them filled to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. This can be found in the manual, and it is often printed on a label inside the car door as well. You can also search for your tires online to learn the recommended inflation level.
  • Inspect the valves: Do your tire valves have metal or plastic caps? If they are metal, consider switching to plastic. These tolerate high temperatures better than metal caps, which can weld onto the valve if they get too hot. As you check your tire pressure each month, be sure your caps are secured tightly.
  • Partner with pros: To ensure your tires are healthy and ready for hot weather, take your vehicle to a professional for a thorough inspection. This yearly visit each summer will help keep your car and tires in top shape for the season.

Get Ready for Summer

To make sure your tires are ready for another hot California summer, visit Reliable Tire Center for tire maintenance in Riverside, CA. We specialize in providing exceptional service to our clients at an honest rate, and we never ask our customers to pay for a service they don’t need. Visit our shop or give us a call today!

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