Auto Repair Jargon You May Encounter at Your Next Appointment for Wheel Alignment Service in Riverside, CA

Auto Repair Jargon You May Encounter at Your Next Appointment for Wheel Alignment Service in Riverside, CA

April 12, 2019

Have you ever tried to learn a foreign language? “Mechanic speak” can feel like one. When you visit your provider of wheel alignment service in Riverside, CA, you may feel like you need a translator! There are many terms and phrases used by suspension services in Riverside, CA that aren’t found in everyday conversation.

Use the following translation guide to get a better handle on what your mechanic is referring to when he or she uses these terms. And don’t hesitate to ask your wheel alignment service in Riverside, CA to explain anything you don’t understand. We’re here to help!

  • Grease monkey: No, your mechanic doesn’t employ chimpanzees. They don’t hire apes and ask HR to provide bananas for payroll. A grease monkey is simply a slang term for a mechanic.
  • ASE: This abbreviation stands for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This organization issues certifications to qualified professionals in the automotive industry. Look for this certification as an indicator that your mechanic is highly qualified.
  • OEM: Short for original equipment manufacturer, OEM parts are the products that are originally provided and placed on a vehicle by the manufacturer.
  • Aftermarket: The opposite of OEM, this term refers to parts that aren’t created by the original manufacturer.
  • LOF: A bit different than LOL, this acronym stands for lube, oil, filter. If a mechanic adds an R on the end (LOFR), he or she is also completing a rotation of the tires with the oil change.
  • TPMS: A TPMS is a tire pressure monitoring system. It indicates when your tire pressure is too low and needs attention.
  • Pull: Does your steering wheel veer to the left or right of its own accord? When you try to drive straight, does your car “pull” one way or the other? This is what your wheel alignment service in Riverside, CA is referring to by the term “pull.” It means your wheels need to be realigned.
  • Play: While the word may sound fun, it actually means your steering and suspension is experiencing more movement than it should. For example, your steering wheel moves for a bit before the wheels turn.
  • Hesitation: Do you accelerate, but your car doesn’t respond right away? Mechanics refer to this issue as hesitation.
  • Oversquare: If your engine’s cylinders have a greater bore diameter than stroke length, it is considered “oversquare.” Wait… that’s still mechanic speak! A cylinder is the space in the engine where a piston (sliding valve) travels. The bore is the size of the cylinder. The stroke length is how far the piston travels in the cylinder. An oversquare engine may have poorer fuel economy and poorer exhaust emissions.

We Speak Your Language

It’s important to note that your local providers of suspension service in Riverside, CA aren’t trying to confuse you with our terminology. The professionals at Reliable Tire Center are happy to explain any repairs or parts to you. Our team specializes in tire sales, rotations, balancing and repairs. We are dedicated to exceptional service at an honest rate. Contact us today for clear communication and reliable results.

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