Don't Neglect Your Spare Tire!

Don’t Neglect Your Spare Tire!

November 9, 2018

When was the last time you checked your spare tire? Even when car owners are considering new tire sales in Riverside, CA, this accessory is often overlooked. Did you know there are several maintenance items you should be completing regularly for your spare tire?

In addition to maintenance, there are a few key points you should know about spare tires. If you can’t remember the last time you took a look at your spare tire, you probably aren’t aware of these key items. Use the following guidelines to properly maintain your spare tire so you are prepared when you need it:

  • Pressure check: You’re probably aware that you should check the pressure in your tires regularly. But did you know this includes your spare tire? Similar to your other tires, the spare should maintain a pressure of 30 to 35 psi. However, this can vary depending on the type of tire. If you have a compact spare tire, also commonly referred to as a donut, it might need a pressure closer to 60 psi. Use your owner’s manual to follow recommended inflation guidelines.
  • Quality check: Did you buy your car used or new? If it is an older secondhand car, the spare tire might be out of date. That’s right—spare tires can expire. They may last as long as a decade, but tires older than six years have a greater likelihood of failure. Check the date on the sidewall of the spare tire to determine its manufacture date and replace it if it is older than six years.
  • Condition check: What is the condition of your spare tire? If you purchased a used car, the spare tire might be used, too. It might be a patched tire that was on the vehicle previously and will be no good as a spare. Look closely at the condition of the tire. Keep an eye out for scarred sidewalls, worn tread and plugs. If you see any of these signs of major wear, you probably want to contact your local provider of new tire sales in Riverside, CA to purchase a true spare.
  • Safety check: Proper maintenance and prep of your spare tire aren’t the only concerns. Be sure to use your spare correctly if you need it. Keep in mind that spares are intended for emergencies only—don’t try to use this tire as an everyday solution. Also, avoid traveling more than 50 miles on a compact tire, and don’t drive faster than 50 mph when using one of these tires. This usually means avoiding the highway.

Is your spare ready for use? Are you even sure if you have one in your vehicle? Before you hit the road today, make sure you are prepared for a flat. If you are missing a spare or need a replacement, contact a provider of new tire sales in Riverside, CA for a quality spare. The professionals at Reliable Tire Center are ready to assist you. When you purchase tires from us, you not only get the best tires—you also get free rotation, balance and repairs for the life of your tires! We specialize in providing exceptional service to our clients at an honest rate. Contact us today!

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