September 29, 2018

"Great staff family owned tire shop. I had to come in for a flat tire and AAA couldn't get the spare tire from the van to come down. So it was towed to this tire shop and they got my spare down in no time! Very satisfied! Thank you so much for the help!"
September 27, 2018

"Reliable, Honest and Great Customer Service. I don't know anything about cars and as a female sometimes people try to take advantage of that, but I've never felt like that here. I've been coming to Reliable Tires for years. Today, I went in for an oil change and my free tire rotation. They will rotate your tires for free as long as you purchase your tires there. I mentioned to Mike (I believe he's the owner) that the battery in my key wasn't working properly so when he had to lock my vehicle,for whatever reason, he could lock it manually. Not thinking anything of it, when I picked up my vehicle he also took care of the key for us."
September 13, 2018

"Mike and Brian are awesome. I've bought tires from them before but recently had an issue with my brakes. My car has 25k miles and my brakes started squealing on my way to work. Dropped it off with them to take a look and Mike recommended I get it towed to the dealership because I still had warranty left, and brakes going out at 25k miles is way too soon. He didn't charge me at all for the diagnostic. The dealership gave me the usual "this is normal for this vehicle, you need a brake job. The pads are worn evenly so your calipers obviously aren't sticking." They wanted $499 for a brake job so I took it back to Reliable instead. Mike did the brakes for less than half the cost and saved the "old" pads for me. They WERE NOT worn evenly like the dealership claimed. Right side was still practically new and the driver's side was metal-to-metal. I took the pads back to the dealer, showed them to the shop manager, and that's when they mysteriously found a problem with the traction control system. Crooks. It's nice to find an honest mechanic. Thanks guys!"
September 2, 2018

"I have been a customer of Reliable tire for more than 20 years. Always good prices on tires and quality work on the car with no BS. Friendly reliable service. One of the very few auto repair places that I completely trust."
August 23, 2018

"My daughter goes to UCR and got a flat tire on her Prius. AAA towed the car to Reliable and they only charged to repair the tire. Sue was very helpful and honest. Very rare at these times. They didn't push to buy and install new tires. Amazing. I'd give 6 stars if I could. Definitely recommend this company. Maybe worth the trip from Corona to get their service. Thanks Sue."
Reliable Tire Center